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Neothink Discovery

At a time in my life when I had lost my business lease to a greedy landlord, had suffered a break up in a long term relationship, and was struggling as a single mom raising two teen boys, I received an invitation to join The Neothink Society with Mr. Mark Hamilton and others who have secrets to prosperity and happiness. I am an avid reader, and, was a bit skeptical, but, I was tired of checking out the maximum books at the public library so, when I had an opportunity to get a very big book, I was ready!

I have learned so many facts, in context, regarding how society has gone from the forward movement, being made shortly after man became conscious instead of living in nature, to this limited society we have today. We turn to leaders rather than turn inward. We doubt when we should have hope and desire. We are so capable and if more and more of us just did more we would not have a society that has more and more people doing less and less and depending more and more on their governments for the staples of life.

I advise anyone to read all of the materials to understand why “man” came up with ways to protect our psychological nature, how the physical nature of man and woman affects our everyday lives, how there is a difference between forms of love, how thinking is not properly taught in public schools, how an incredible business structure can replace your boring job and you can make more money learning this technique.

We have learned about jealousy and envy, and, I see a few envious people try to tear-down the society for the good it is bringing, yet, they also learned about the difference between truth and honesty.

I invite you to learn more. You can go to to join us. Also read more testimonials in here by scrolling through the pages to become aware of our diverse membership prior ot making your choice to join us.

I thank Mark Hamilton for teaching self-leadership instead of abuse of power, and, I see many people journeying into a better life that will be full of wealth, health, peace.

Jill Reed